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Tell me I'm wrong

This is an anonymous submission form. You can use it to let me know that I'm wrong about something, if you are unsure if I would react well when criticised face-to-face. I also put it up just to send a signal that I want to hear if I am wrong about something, but I cannot pretend that I always find criticism easy to stomach and cannot guarantee "no hard feelings". This is why this form exists.
I'm mainly interested in finding out I have been wrong in preprints and papers that I have first authored, because this is where I consider it likely not to be told and costly to be wrong. So, open season on those.
I intend to react to all good-faith submissions regarding these publicly.
Still, this form is open for anything. Fair game includes anything I've written, said, or implied, including my assessments of other research, my politics (which affect which research questions I focus on), my professional behaviour (which affects the people I work with), etc. I reserve the right to react less publicly by default, when I'm only a co-author, because I don't want to scare off future co-authors.
If you tell me I wasn't funny at a conference or horrible on Twitter, I might just cry to myself a little rather than react publicly.

Note: If you feel more comfortable submitting your criticism in an encrypted email via a form that I do not control, you can use Tipbox (journalists use it).
Note 2: I plan on putting out monetary "bug bounties" for some of my future work, but I haven't really thought this through yet (e.g. how to pay anonymous tipsters). Probably, I'll implement these for future work, and pay only people who respond non-anonymously.

Thank you!
Ruben Arslan